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into cars, only caught doing it again. how recount recount -- anne arundel police put an and to it. >> tonight joce sterman sits down with a detective who did something no man on -- in the department has done. this is called road rage. over the weekend an edgewood woman lost her cool, tried to run down a pair of women and she hadn't even left the parking lot. jeff hager has details. >> reporter: you've probably seen it before, a packed parking lot. you have to jockey for a spot. >> the furthest i would get is a little horn honking, a little yelling. >> try to stay away. >> a 35-year-old woman from edge
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wood upset with missing a prized stop -- spot on friday night, allegedly jumped out of her oldsmobile and tried to take matters in her own hand. >> the driver of the olds mobile and the passenger of the volkswagen got into a fight and the driver of the oldsmobile pinned the passenger between the vehicles. >> reporter: an inknow sent bystander became the second target. >> she was trying to get the tag number and she drove at that victim. >> reporter: that victim would get the last laugh though. after the alleged attacker sped away, she provided police with information that would lead police to her home on monday when they -- where she was arrested.
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in baltimore county, jeff hager, abc2 news. well, here she is. police identified her as brandy tennille ames and a judge has set bail at half a million dollars. all right. we have video to show you. this is video that led to an arrest last year. recount recount police said this is brandon michael smith of crofton caught into the act breaking into a car last october. this private surveillance video led to smith's arrest last year when the police department put it on their facebook page, but the charge didn't stick. officers arrested smith again this weekend after a simple traffic violation. when police went through his car, they found stolen property and tools of a break-in trade. police said there could be more victims. listen. >> we have some unclaimed
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property at this point. we're asking folks to come forward. >> so right now you nabbed him for one recently but it could be more than that exactly. >> if you live in gambrills or crofton, keep an eye out. investigators are trying to find the cause of a house fire that killed a man in northwest baltimore. it started in the 2900 block of woodland avenue. neighbors tell us the victim is steven keen. two firefighters were hurt. still unclear if the family had smoke detectors. next saturday city firefighters will be out in the neighborhood handing out smoke detectors. in pasadena firefighters say a 4-year-old playing with a light are in the enclose is the set had -- closet set the home on fire. the dad grabbed the fire
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extinguisher and tried to put it out but the extinguisher was empty. >> educate children about the dangers of lighters and matches. we also want to keep them out of reach of the children. please store them in a place that is not at high level or plain sight of the children. >> while the home is being repaired, the family is living car else thanks to the red cross. tonight friends and colleagues are remembering a harford county sheriff's deputy who died from a heart attack. he started feeling symptoms at the funeral of another deputy. the funeral services for the sheriff's deputy will be held wednesday at mountain christian church in joppa. we're learning more about a baltimore city paramedic arrested and charged with assaulting a woman. the police were called to the
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1000 block of hillen. video showed shaun white forcibly strapping the drunk woman on to a stretcher. the police report goes on to describe slapping her in the face once they were inside the ambulance. white is charged with two counts of second degree assault. he is suspended without pay. well, she made history with the baltimore police department. today we are sitting down to find out how a baltimore city detective did something no man on the department has done. direct it l--- deet julie -- detective julie pitochelli brought back the first international suspect. anastacia oluoch had fled to africa after viciously beating a 90-year-old man she was caring for. the detective was the lead on
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the case and eventually brought the woman back to baltimore last month eye wasn't going to let it go. >> it's refreshing to see how one case inspired her for the last five years to work so hard to bring this woman back to justice. >> now oluoch is being held on no bail and will be arraigned sometime next month. >> a warm day but seasonably so. we have sunshine. then the clouds thickening up. that's indicating the approach of a new weather system. some showers beginning to encroach into southwestern virginia, southern west virginia. the clouds coming in ahead of the storm system. you can see the main storms in the deep south with most of the heavy rain reaching into tennessee and the rest of kentucky. hour by hour, rain chances increase. we'll talk about when the storm will peak late in the the day
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tomorrow. the walt -- baltimore city school system has hired a cheating detective company. the company will look at 8,000 test booklets from 2009 to 2010. the school system is investigating cheating. the school's chief was involved. things inial assessment of educational progress tested thousands of students in 8th and 12th grade. they were asked to do writing assignments in three areas. now on average female students in the eighth grade scored 150. guys scored 140. in the 12 ged grade female students 157 compared to the
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male of 143. they believe one of the reasons for such differences is girls actually like writing better than boys. >> okay. orioles are in seattle after losing two out of three in oakland and falling a game off of new york. tickets would go on sale saturday. if you place a $250 deposit for a partial ticket, by mid-night you'll be able to go online. the only place tickets could be sold is at post season. >> getting close. all right. affording healthcare plan with no deductible. >> watch out. the federal trade commission said it's a scam. what you need to know so you don't fall victim. >> and why paying attention to nutritional labels when you're shopping really benefits women. >> it's 74 degrees at bwi.
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77 your two-degree guarantee. sorry, no winner. you can't win them all. we'll talk about the massive rain what's headed this way strayed ahead in maryland's most accurate forecast. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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you know the cost for medical coverage is the biggest strain on our pocket book. so everyone is looking for a way to save, but the feds say one option you're seeing isn't the solution you think it s joce sterman explains why in this
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week's scam alert. >> reporter: you've heard the crams -- claims affordable plans with no -- sounds like they're selling health insurance but the federal trade commission said that's not the case. it's for medical discount plans. >> medical discount plans aren't health insurance and they aren't a substitute for health insurance. some instances, though are scams. >> reporter: the ftc has launched a huge campaign as part of operation healthcare hustle. >> to stop scammers who are fleecing consumers. >> reporter: you're not paying for actual healthcare. instead, the ftc said they will pay a if he to find providers who may offer discounts of things like doctor's visits. once you pay the feds say many don't live up to their promises.
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research the company with the better business bureau and the attorney general. ask for a list of their providers and see what discounts they offer. if the company won't give you written information, that's a sign. high pressure sales tactics should make you leery. >> providers won't pressure you into buying their product immediately. you should take that as an indication. >> reporter: so think hard before uphand over money for healthcare of any kind because doing your homework is the best insurance you won't get scammed. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> the ftc said you should file a complaint with their agency at as well as the bbb and the maryland attorney general's office. looks like young people are hitting the brakes on car shopping. new car purchases by 18 to 34
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years dropped about 34%. that's according to car shopping website it could be a reflection of the economy but some say there are other factors involved like more people moving from the suburbs to urban areas where you don't need a scar. others are blaming social media. a study found 46% of the 18 to 34-year-olds would choose internet access over owning a car. all right. maryland's most powerful radar showing all clear. the clouds have been coming in all day. we see it over baltimore, cloudy skies as you take a live view of harbor place. 72 degrees. humidity coming up. days getting shorter with sunset just past 7:00. a little weather through the day. ocean city where we finished up
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bike week, bike weekend rather, conditions were good over the weekend but the clouds thickening up today. a pretty big wave. mt. airy, summit ridge, cloudy skies. annapolis staying gray through most of the day, although, there were breaks of sunshine. hour by hour here we go late shower possible, scattered showers and more rain, especially for your late day, your afternoon teaming. temperatures now low 70s, in the bad. winds from the south. that's a warm and very humid breeze in mid-september. you can see the dew point numbers climbing. the measure of the moisture getting. that will help foul the rain rain coming down in earnest already, in kentucky, southern west virginia and parts of virginia. we look for showers to arrive and the main system to arrive through the day tomorrow, especially tomorrow afternoon.
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the storm system will continue to be on the move. behind it in the mid-section there's pleasant weather. first, we have to get through the system. clear for the next new hours. showers overnight. als the main storm arrives, we're looking at heavy rain, especially through 8:00. i think you'll notice the winds coming up. i think as we go past 8:00, the last rain will begin to push out. this will be breezy for the day on wednesday but dry and sunny and looking great before we get a new storm system potentially for the weekend. the other storm system we watch this parkts the peak -- part, the peak hurricane system, nadine as a tropical storm and really no threat for land. we'll continue to keep an eye on the tropics for the next four to six weeks. tonight 66, cloudy, mild with some scattered showers late in
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the mix. tomorrow pushing 80. bringing in storms with an increased risk of storms and thunderstorm threats through the afternoon and, again, some of it could be strong to see veemplet we'll keep an eye on it, keep us tuned in and also check us out online on your mobile app. tomorrow night 62. those storms begin to taper off late in the evening. i think we're looking great as we go into your wednesday. we'll have the chance for an early morning shower. wednesday dry, thursday sunny and dry, friday dry, great weather there. this weekend a new storm system on the boards that could bring some showers around here and saturday into sunday. don't cancel any plans yet. we'll keep you posted. we'll get you through this one tomorrow. >> keep those umbrellas handy. >> yes, indeed. let's talk about health news. children are eating too much salt. apparently many eat as much as
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adults. about 1,000 millly dprams too much or the same -- millly grams too much or the same as one big mac. >> the children in this study, regardless of their size were getting an average of 3,400 milligrams. >> extra salt is linked with high blood pressure. the study concluded that kids with higher sodium intake had a higher risk of high blood pressure. parents, listen to this. if your teenager has a cell phone, there's a good chance they know someone who has sexed. about 15% engaged in sexting,
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but teens who had sexted reported being sexually active compared to those who dead not. >> there are consequences to engaging in this behavior. it's against the law. if they are caught, they could get in serious trouble, so parents should monitor that and educate them about the consequences. >> university of southern california researchers studied the sexting habits for this study. >> all right. not enough vitamin d during a woman's pregnancy could hinder the baby's brain development. they looked at the lel of the sunshine vitamins of 2,000 women in the first and second trimester. they examined the mental and motor skills and found that
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vitamin d deficient moms scored lower and it could lead it language problems in children as young as five years of age. people who read labels are thinner than those who don't. women who check nutritional labels almost wayed nine pounds less than those who didn't. researchers went through or than 25,000 records on health, eating and shopping habits. people living in cities were more careful. 56% of men took time this read the labels, compared to 74% of women and smokers paid little attention to the information on the food label. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] we got a real mom
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right after world fumes tonight, there will be a new show. they are used to cope our lives in track, to do list and the list uses that same tactic to run down what's happening around the country. the show's producer tells us what we can expect tonight. >> i'm nicki down here at fells point where we are celebrating constitution day. find out how much people around
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baltimore know about that historic document. we have it coming up on the list. >> then stick around for the brand-new game show "let's ask america." the person can win $50,000 without leaving their home. >> it's doing things no other show has done before. first, we're letting contestants play from their house. if they have a web cam, they can joins and spend half an hour and win $50,000. they can do that just by having an opinion or believing they know the opinions of everybody else in this great company. >> you can catch it when it debuts tonight at 7:30 on abc2 news. >> all right. before we go, here's a look at what we're working on. shocked by the cost of your child's college education, abc2 is working for you with a smart new trick to slash the cost of
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those expensive textbooks. >> also, we'll tell you about potential employers taking a look at classes and how you can get your education for free. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is
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to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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